One and a half days…


(Pic from 2 years ago but a good one!)

One and a half days with my son who came on a quick  surprise visit simply wasn’t long enough to give all the hugs I wanted to give, or all the loving words I wanted  to say.

Even our dog (his really by heart) is moping around because she knows he’s left again until who knows when.

Yes, he knows exactly how I feel about him but call me selfish. Even while he slept I peeked in at him and chuckled to myself as I saw his foot sticking out from under the covers as it always has.

Reminders of the more tender and younger years that I hold forever close in my heart.

Yes, he’s grown and a young man but difficult times from the past cause me to treasure even more highly these good days.

This visit causes me to remember how extremely blessed I am by my Heavenly Father who gave this gift to me from the very beginning. Thank you Lord for all you are doing.

So I will leave this piece for now and let the rest of these emotions out before getting ready for work and count myself as blessed to have had this privilege.




This Momma’s Heart


Call me “mommie happy” because that’s the best way to explain how I feel at the moment. My heart is beyond happy because my one son who had to move away came back for a quick surprise visit.

When our dog pricked up her ears and with an excited, bewildered look ran to the front door and back to me I felt I knew it had to be him. He’s home!

His dad, brother, and sister are just as excited and can hardly wait to stop here for hugs and chit chat. Of course there will be food as well!

Just knowing and anticipating the whole family together once again under one roof has me on the verge of tears. Call it a life “high”. Such an awesome feeling even if it is for only a few days.

Every moment together will be treasured and held in my heart to hold me over for when he leaves and until we can be together again.

Life is very different when your children grow up and out and on their own. And even while they are doing their lives their way, it feels great when they call to say hi or want to get together.

I wish life could always feel this good. For this special blessing I am extremely thankful to God for.

So to all the mothers (and dads, grandparents and all who raise children as their own) out there, never grow tired of doing good and loving those children… even on the toughest days. The reward is more than worth it!!


Smiles and Hugs to All,


Do YOU Hear it?

heartbeat 1

Stop! and LISTEN!

Do you hear it? God’s heartbeat?

Are you close enough to Him to hear it?

To hear the sound?


All living persons have a heart

Each with a beat all their own.

A beat uniquely theirs.


So does GOD.

HE is alive!

His heart is beating for You

For Me.


A heart full of love and compassion

Kindness and grace

Tenderness and mercy

Strength and courage

Unlike any heart we’ve ever known.



Do You know this heartbeat?

Do You hear it? If so, do you follow it?

Or are you too busy

With many other distactions

Preventing you from hearing it clearly

If at all?


STOP! and Listen…

He’s calling out to YOU.

Come closer and sit awhile.

Lean into His arms and

Lay your head on His chest.



Close your eyes and listen.

Do you hear that?

His heart is beating Your Name.

His heart beats a message for You.

What is He saying to YOU?




Love to all,








Summer’s End (but it’s not the end!)



Summer coming to its end is being revealed by the telltale signs of my dying garden and flower beds. No longer the beautiful lush greens or many of the vibrant colors of fresh, new life. Even the common daily visitors of particular wrens, catbirds and robins have recently taken flight to their homes elsewhere. I will miss their antics and songs until their return next spring.

Until then I will embrace this new season by prepping my gardens for next spring with a fall cleanup and clip and manicure what is still hanging in there so it can be enjoyed  a while longer. Along the way I will also look for the tiny miracles that may be discovered if looked hard enough for…like tiny pumpkins and wooly bear caterpillars!

Gardening has always been filled with an abundance of life metaphors for me. From the very beginning of life itself in the Garden of Eden where God created the most beautiful garden ever for the humans he loved to the weeds that represent sin and the unnecessary junk that try to ruin our garden (our lives) to even the tools and techniques we  should use to tend our garden to help it thrive.

In my attempts to create my own Eden in my backyard I am continually reminded of how “cursed” the ground is  and what hard work it takes for anything beautiful to grow.

Life can be like that at times. Like gardening, it takes hard work and a resilient, positive attitude to have beautiful and beneficial things in life. Our relationships with others and even just daily living require maintenances and sometimes even an overhaul of some type at times.

Life just seems to work that way.

So as summer slowly slips into autumn, look for the miracles and blessings in this new season. Fall often reminds us of a time to be thankful with the holidays approaching.

Amidst all the craziness and turmoil in the world there is much cultivating we can do to grow a grateful heart. And that my friend is the beginning of a beautiful garden (life)!

Many Blessings,





Life is full of adjustments these days. Seasons of life change just like the weather here on the east coast.

Learning to embrace some of these changes instead of fighting against them can be challenging at times. I’m trying to consider these as a new learning curve.

For instance, as a recent empty nester I have a desire to explore what this new chapter holds for me. My focus has shifted from raising my children into responsible, caring human beings to…I’m not so sure yet.

What I do know is that my focus still needs to be on the needs of others and not on myself. I have never had the mindset of once a certain age hits that it’s time to “retire” and then do much of “nothing” that mostly focuses on self.

Oh, don’t get me totally wrong here.  I totally believe you can  participate in activities that help you to enjoy  your life.

My mindset is more on not solely focusing on self when there are so many I can help and learn from. There is still so much to learn and so many interesting people to meet. Not only do I want to feel useful but I want others to feel the same.

My life has had many trying, challenging chapters but also times of joy and beauty. This probably holds true for most of us. I believe life is designed to share with one another to encourage growth and help shoulder the burdens of others. And it is with this adjustment of thought I jump into the next season.

Who wants to jump with me?  Together we can learn from and encourage each other.

Would love to hear from you!




Continue To…



We simply must continue. Continue what you may ask?

With Life I say. Make it the best life ever for yourself and others.

Continue to wake up everyday and tell yourself it’s going to be a good day.

Continue to tell yourself you are worthy to be loved and  go show love to others.

Continue to tell yourself you are not the unkind things people try to label you as and then go build up someone with kind, positive words.

Continue to take the time to listen to others.

Continue to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Continue to guard your words when upset or frustrated because you can’t pull them back in once they’re out.

Continue to speak words of truth and be sensitive to your hearers.

Continue to tell those you love how much you love them.

Continue to forgive others because to not do so cause a root of bitterness that is toxic to your own well being.

Continue to be a light in another person’s life who feels all hope is lost.

Continue to appreciate your friends and tell them so.

Continue to be a peacemaker and don’t retaliate when someone wrongs you.

Continue to enjoy all seasons of life and bring joy into the lives of others.

Continue to encourage all people in all walks of life for none of us is better or worse than another person. Only different.

Continue to remain confident in who you are.

Continue to learn and remain teachable.

Continue to try new things. Be adventurous.

Continue to dream and set goals to reach those dreams.

Continue to remain humble for a proud, arrogant heart is not a beautiful heart.

Continue to guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.

Continue to extend common courtesies to others.

Continue random acts of kindness to those that seem undeserving.

Continue to choose wisdom and understanding and do what is right and beneficial for others.

Continue to say I’m sorry, Thank you, Excuse me and You’re welcome.

Continue to enjoy the small things in life and count them as blessings.

Continue to share generously with those in need for there may be a day when we are on the receiving end.

Continue to have a thankful heart because there are many out there who have far less and far worse.

Continue to remain nonjudgmental because we don’t know what others have had to endure or live through.

Continue to look for the good and lovely in all situations and all people and focus on that no matter how small.

Continue to show compassion and concern to those who are suffering.

Continue to do your best to take care of yourself, your body, your health. We have only one life on this earth to live.

Continue to dance, sing and praise your Creator.

Continue to remember how much you are loved by Him and what a privilege it is to be His Child.

Continue to move forward every day, one step at a time.

Continue to believe in miracles. In fact, pray for them!

Continue to be an agent of positive change.

Continue to be an advocate for those society has deemed as less.

Continue to live with intention and on purpose.

Continue to refuse giving up on life because you are worthy. You are valuable and you are needed.

Just continue…

(This was just a quick list that came to mind. There are so many more we could apply to our lives. How much better could the world be if we gave up the opposites of this list and focused on the positives and treated others better than ourselves? I would surely love to find out!)


Love to all,














Thanks for Listening


Not sure where to start with this. I know I haven’t posted for a while. Trying to figure out parts of my life and not having any real definitive answers. At least different from what I am doing at the moment. I’m not even sure what exactly it is I’m looking for. Other than different I suppose.

Anyone else out there know what I’m talking about?

There’s some type of stirring of something. Discontentment? Possibly. But with who or what? Is it only with myself? With others? Do I dare say with God?

Or am I just a moody mess? This being 55+ phase of life and its life changes has become quite the challenge at times. Sleep deprivation, hot flashes, plain not nice moods or very low moods. And the list goes on.

Let me be the first to say I am not enjoying the moodiness from these hormonal changes from menopause. And my husband is being pretty good with me in all of it. There are days I feel quite the mess. A hot mess. LOL.

I’m just trying to be honest here.

Let me first acknowledge I am fully aware of how blessed I am. God is so good to me and my family despite ourselves. I see His hand in our lives. Loving us, protecting us, providing for and even guiding us whether we are aware of Him or not.

I simply just don’t know what else He wants from me at this time. I’m at a new juncture in life and feel I need new purpose. My heart desires to do more to help others but I don’t feel pulled any certain direction. So I keep plugging away at what has become routine.

Maybe thats a big part of what’s bugging me.
There’s definitely more to life than how I’m living it but not sure how to go about any changes. The question arises again and again as to what changes?

What would I like to change? What should change? (There’s a hubby I need to keep in mind with all of this).

My attitude most days would be a welcoming start. I’ve tried implementing positive thoughts and meditations but I’ve come to the conclusion that if God isn’t helping me with a real heart change then my efforts are in vain for the most part. Eventually, the real me shows back up.

The one that ‘s been moody lately. Who am I kidding? It’s actually been for a long while now. And yet I can’t fully explain why? Several years of tough times at the homestead has had a toll on me I suppose. I can’t fake being joyful. And yet I am thankful for so much!

Laughter. I miss laughter. I miss laughing. Laughing to the point my side hurts and water is leaking from my eyes. Or being silly enough to make others laugh. Where has she gone? I want her back!

Let the waterworks begin. Yes, I’m crying. What a relief. Self- realization isn’t always pretty but it’s helpful if you use it constructively.

There are parts of me, sad parts of my life, that I guess I have shoved away that have resurfaced and need to be dealt with.  I feel like I, and my family, were robbed of so many of the good things God intended for us.

The positive in all of this is I don’t need to hold on to that past and I /we still have a future and that future can be full of good things. God was with us then and helped pull us through and He is with us now. His promises still hold true.

Do I still want some things to change? Yes. For the meantime I will go about life with my eyes and heart wide open looking for the possibilities and opportunities.

Thanks for letting me pour out my heart while I try to figure this all out.

Love,  Blink