Super Women

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(Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies!)

SuperWomen… that is exactly what we are. Each and every single one of us. I mean, look at us, look at each other.

Every single one of us has been through or is going through extreme hardships of some type and yet we pull through and become stronger by it. Push ahead!

We are Resilient!

We carry so much on our own shoulders and keep moving forward. We always find a way to make the best of every situation (even if it takes a while). Keep walking forward.

We are Diligent!

When life tries to beat us down we learn to find the positive and learn from what we are going through. We won’t remain stuck and choose to delete the negative forces, people, and situations when at all possible. Keep climbing and don’t grow weary.

We Persevere!

We learn to stand up for and how to take care of ourselves and those we love despite our circumstances. We don’t give up! We won’t give up!

We are Fighters!

Deep down, every single one of us has a beautiful soul created to love and be loved.We love and give of ourselves even when we are spent from life and it’s attacks on us. Keep moving forward.

We are Love!

Each of us has been specifically designed to be unique with our own shapes, looks, gifts, talents and attributes. This is so we can share from ourselves when others struggle and build them up.

We are Beauty!

What we must learn to do more of I believe though is to take care of ourselves in some little way each and every day so we remain strong emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally because…

We are Worthy!

Every one of us is Worthy, Ladies! We should be building each other up and supporting and applauding each others accomplishments instead of finding ways to destroy one another.

Think of what more could be accomplished in our lives, in the world if we lived this on a daily basis.?! We were created by the Creator to be this and so much More!

WOW. What a force we would be. What a Light we could be to such a dark, and negative world. What Hope we would have for ourselves and others. What a Gift we would be.

I am blessed to have a few good and lovely women in my life who are beautiful examples of this. They touch and bless not only my life but the lives of so many others. They are Incredible!

May we all continue to strive to push forward for ourselves and others. And if we notice someone looking or feeling a little beat down, may we be that source of encouragement to move forward and not give up.

The world needs us!

Blessings to you from me and Above,


Messy = Not Always Negative



via Daily Prompt: Messy

Let’s face it, life can be messy at times.

Unsettled, in upheaval, difficult, complicated, broken, twisted, and under attack are just a few things that come to mind.

But why?

I feel life we can look at a “messy” life like a two-sided coin.

Many  of life’s scenario’s such as the above mentioned can come to us when we least expect it, when we are unaware and unprepared.

This is one side of the coin.

As life moves along we may find we are actually more prepared to handle some of these “messy” events than expected.

Previous life lessons teach us, or should teach us, how to mentally get through some of life’s tougher times when they hit us.

Hopefully, inner strength is developed and we don’t allow ourselves to become totally unglued.

Not all unraveling is necessarily bad though. We can actually learn a lot about ourselves during such times.

Self-examination  can become a positive for us as we learn what does and doesn’t work, or what we need to hold on to or let go of.

Trying to learn from life’s messy episodes that attack us can definitely be painful if not challenging to say the least.

And if or when we feel we are at our wit’s end, there is a Source we can call out to for strength and comfort.

I know this Source as the Creator, the Father God Almighty who loves me and is there for me during all times, and especially hard times.

Want to know something exciting?! He loves You and is there for you also. If you don’t know Him or have ever asked for His help, I encourage you to give Him a try.

Not like a genie in the bottle, of course. But as a genuine cry out to Him stating, ‘I need your help God because I can’t do this on my own anymore’ type of asking.

You may have the best experience of your life happen at that very moment. Or soon after.

I encourage you to keep your heart and eyes open for new and beautiful experiences from this. Recognize beauty within the pain, somewhere. It’s not all for nothing.kg_life_is_messy

The other side of the coin is to not be afraid to get our hands dirty when others’ lives are messy.

Get in the trenches with them, both physically and emotionally. Be part of a support system for those who are hurting.

Become an avid listener and give your undivided attention when together. Offer needed material support when applicable. Give hugs and positive reinforcement. Be encouraging by pointing out the positive.

Sometimes only your presence will be needed with no words. Just an ear and a shoulder will be required. And of course your time. That precious commodity that so many of us don’t want to let go of or give away.

It’s during these times for others that we can help them manage their own messy times and help life be more bearable.

Settled, calm, peaceful, orderly, not so complicated. Completely opposite of the first list mentioned above.

It’s what we all want in these lives of ours. To enjoy life in the days given us without so much hardship, but knowing that we have support for those times when they do come. And they do come.

It’s then we can acknowledge life can be good, even when it’s messy!




A Stranger in My Own Home



This title captures how I have felt many times in my life. Only more recently have I decided to do something about it.

Meaning, actually taking the steps to make mindful and purposeful decisions and actions.

Mindfulness and living on purpose, with intent, are common phrases these days. Oh, they’ve been around for quite some time but I think many more people are beginning to realize there is so much more to life than how they’re living it.

Sometimes a tragedy or a sudden loss causes us to become aware of this. Or, like me, turning 56 with young adult children living out their lives in many of the ways you’ve taught them, but not doing yourself, causes the realization.

I admire their freedom and love for life in their own different ways and admit that I have shelved or locked up many of my own desires. Some of the things that make me, ME.

Not sure how all of that came about exactly. But I have a few ideas.

Sometimes life just gets in the way. Unexpected twists and turns enter unexpectedly and your world is turned upside down. We can barely get through one day much less think about anything else. We can almost become a different person entirely just to survive.

Or maybe we are listening too much to the world’s ideas of who we should be and are adapting and conforming to those ideas. Many times we don’t take the time to think for ourselves and ask ourselves, or even God, some important questions.

Questions like, “Who am I deep down inside? What do I feel is important and how should I go about fulfilling that passion or desire? Who was I created to be?”

Then there are the important thoughts and hopefully realizations of self-worth. I am not talking about prideful, conceited, narcissist thoughts. Or the type of thoughts that don’t consider others and their feelings.

I am talking about thoughts of a type of self confidence that you are worthy and beautiful and loved just the way you are. Loved by others and loved by God, the One who created you to be You.

As individuals, we should never feel the need to cover up and try to make others believe  what we’re not.

Sometimes we just plug through life and don’t even realize we are shutting ourself out of our own lives to the degree that we have. But once we do (and sometimes it can take years), hopefully we have become stronger and more beautiful in ways we didn’t imagine possible. We can take with us the many new good things we have learned and adopt them into who we are becoming.

I believe that has become a key thought in my thinking. To remember we are always Becoming who we were meant to be. Accept the past but use it to benefit where we are in life now.

Don’t be too hard on yourself once certain realizations surface. All past situations have served their purpose in helping to shape us into who we are today. Who we are becoming for the future.

Just keep moving forward and learn to think for yourself. Do for yourself.

Yes, learn from others but don’t conform to their ways simply because they say so. (I am not speaking about children listening to parents here.)

Learn from your Creator. The One who knows you best and has your best interest always in mind.

Keep learning and keep moving forward.

The best you is coming forth. Don’t be afraid to let her, or him, OUT!

Much love,






via Daily Prompt: Relocate

Not really sure how I feel about this word at the moment due to present circumstances in my home. It does however offer a world of new possibilities.

Am I up for the challenge is probably more of the question. Or do I actually want to embrace that challenge? Relocate?

Hmmm…new possibilities. Could be enchanting. Even exciting.

But then like a thief, fear of the unknown creeps in to steal any good thoughts about it.

Hmmm… is it the thought of stepping out of my comfort zone that allows access to the thief?  Maybe.

Or maybe I should be more like Alice and be curiouser? Maybe this could bring about the new outlook on life I desire. Definitely an avenue for growth. I will not know how much I am capable of handling if I don’t try.

Hmmm…relocate. Let me think about this a bit more…







via Daily Prompt: Sparkle

We all need a little sparkle in our lives. Something in which brings us joy and moments of relief and happiness if only for a few fleeting moments. Heartfelt joy.

My focus is on the pure of heart. The simple. Many of which can be easily overlooked due to busyness and consumerism. Materialism. Joy robbers.

When is the last time you noticed that ‘sparkle’ in your lovers’ eye for you? Simply because they love you. Or when last did you enjoy a good belly laugh? The kind that  you can’t stop from for a few minutes and your side aches. Sparkle.

Or the pure innocence of young children singing and playing and laughing together without a care in this world? Or silly, joyous baby giggles from the simplest, goofiest noises. Sparkle.

When was the last time you added sparkle to someone else’s life? Such as a genuine look of love and concern for them. Or maybe telling them how proud you are of them and what they are accomplishing. Sparkle.

Or for those of us on the more ‘serious’ side to let your guard down enough to be the silly one and bring the laughter into the conversation or situation just because we can. Sparkle.

What will you do to add some sparkle?


Just a Little Kindness


common courtesies1

On my early morning walk today I passed a gentleman and acknowledged him by saying  good morning. His response back was, “Good morning but that’s not necessary. But thank you.” I responded back with, “It’s no problem to say hello.”

I could tell my response hit some kind of note by the shift in his body language. He decided not to engage any further in the conversation as we both kept walking  in our opposite directions.

How odd a response I keep thinking. More so, how sad. Of course it’s not ‘necessary,’ but  it is friendly.

Is this what our world is really coming down to? That common courtesies and pleasantries seem unnecessary?  This feels sad to me. That being friendly has come to this for some.

I’m not sure what this man has experienced or his thoughts and views on life in general but I did get a glimpse this morning.

When I encounter such responses or actions from others such as this what I desire for myself is to not want to ever feel that way.  Nor do I ever desire to allow life’s circumstances to cause me to think being nice or friendly is not necessary.

As far as I’m concerned it is very much necessary. This is part of the problem with our world today. How much effort does it take to say hello and smile at someone? Or to open the door for them or allow them to go in line in front of you at the store? Or to pay attention and give a genuine response if you ask how their day is going and they say terrible.

Are we so wrapped up in our own lives and the way life impacts us to cause us to become this uncaring? Meaning that we can’t or won’t give people a few moments of our time?

It’s really no wonder society is declining the way it is at such a rapid pace if we can’t even extend common courtesies. Not saying please, thank you, excuse me and I’m sorry seem to be becoming the new norm for so many.

These seemingly little nuances are missed opportunities to brighten someones day. To give someone hope and encouragement. To show others that there are still some people out there that really care.

I want to be that kind of person.

So I will continue to greet people warmly with a sincere heart. I will smile at them and ask how are they doing? I will actually listen to their response to show I care.

There are definitely many others out there who do the same and for that I am hopeful. Together we can shine bright and make a positive difference.



Only One Step Away



It’s true. Each and every one of us is exactly only one step away from  making possibly the worst decision of our lives.

Not only will this decision affect us, but it will impact the lives of others as well. In fact, possibly even the world. The Bible is full of examples of those who knew and followed God closely and yet they blew it.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how long you’ve been a Christian, how close you consider your relationship with God, which seminary you went to, what type of degree you hold, etc. etc.

Each and every human being is prone to acting human and following its sometimes not so good desires. We are not perfected yet.

What’s maybe worse is when the guilty party with askew thoughts or actions shifts blame towards the innocent party. We’ve all been there to some degree or another, on both sides. Let’s be totally honest.

It’s embarrassing and it’s painful. But it can also be humbling and corrective if we desire  God to correct and change our hearts on it.

Let not all this news bring us the blues or have you consider me a negative Nancy.

On the flip side each of is also only one step away from making a most positive decision also. A decision that could not only benefit us but also have an impact on those around us. And yes, maybe even the world.

There are also many positive examples of this in the Bible as well as what we witness every day in the world around us. Those who bring good into the world.

The choice is totally up to us. Will we dishonor God and those we love or who are watching how we live out our lives? Or will we honor God and those we love and who are watching and bring light, life and love?


By His Strength,